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Durable plastic hanging planters

Hanging planters we call them Hang’um Planters can add so much pizzazz and flash to a home. The best aspect of the hanging planters is that the plants can be enjoyed from inside and outside the house. That’s something you can’t do with other curb-appeal upgrades such as a mailbox.

Our hanging planters can be used all year long. In the summer you could put dahlias, in the fall you could plant pansies, the winter months you could plant pine or spruce, and in the spring geraniums or petunias. By changing the flowers each season it will look like you are spending a lot of money to spruce up your house when really you are just changing the flowers in your hanging planters, that gives your house a different look.

Our hanging planters are different because they are one piece hanging plastic planters. And we offer a variety of colors, white, tan, brown, and black, people can match the hanging planters to their house. Even though the hanging planters stand out with the plants in them, they flow with the house. And you can dress up the hanging planters even more by painting designs on the planter or by using pre-cut decals.

Our plastic planters are durable and built to last. The hanging planters are 24" (NEW) or 36” long, the planting area is 6” deep by 6” wide. The key to keeping plants alive in planters is to have good drainage, hanging planters with tiny drain holes.

Apartment dwellers are adding them to balconies. People are hanging planters on their fences, porches, decks, by the pool, on their gazebos, anywhere you have a secure structure you can Hang’um Planters.

Other ways our customers are using our planters are hydroponics. Instead of using flimsy plastic (which is thrown away) to ship the plants, greenhouses put the plants in our hanging planters and then ship them to the retailers. Then retailers sell the hanging planters, no waste. The aquatic pool industry is incorporating our 6” lip hanging planters into their pond landscaping designs for potting of aquatic plants.

Positive Reviews from people visiting our booth at the trade shows:

  • "Hang’um Planters are so easy to use

  • Your hanging planters are going to change the world for the handicap people, now we can plant and maintain our flowers without anyone around”

  • “Hang’um Planters thought of everything when they designed these hanging planters”

  • “Hang’um Planters are lightweight hanging planters but so durable”

  • “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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